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By polkovnik, Sep 10 2016 10:16PM

As I had to upgrade my website (as Moonfruit no longer offer a free website service) and the upgraded website includes a blog, I thought I'd start to use it. I'll be posting about the boardgames and miniatures games I play (including games played with rules I'm working on) and painting and modelling.

As a quick introduction, I'm a wargamer and boardgamer based in the North West UK. I play a variety of wargames, inluding ancients, medieval, Napoleonic, WW2 and fantasy. I am the author of Sword & Spear, a set of big battle ancient and mediaval rules. I also normally have one or two other rules projects on the go.

The website for my wargames rules is here:


I also have a forum for discussion of my rules:


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