Games I Play

This page provides information on the wargames I like to play. Many of these have influenced and inspired my rules writing. The titles of the games and producers link to their websites or forums.

Chain of Command is a WW2 platooon level game by TooFatLardies. It has revitalised my interest in WW2 gaming. The command and activation system was an influence on the mechanics in Sword and Spear.



Field of Glory (Renaissance & Ancient / Medieval)

Song of Blades & Heroes

FOG is an Ancients, Medieval and Renaissance (FOGR) game by Slitherine. We played FOG pretty much every week when it came out, and I was in the FOG2 playtesting group, but I've hardly played since its release. We play FOGR occasionally though, which seems to give a more decisive game in a reasonable time compared to FOG.

Saga is a dark ages skirmish game by Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk. It has an innovative dice driven activation system and unique special activations and abilities for each faction. It is soon to expand into the Crusades with the Crescent and Cross expansion.

SOBH is a fantasy skirmish game by Andreas Sfilgoi of Ganesha Games. It has spawned lots of off-shoots into different genres. It has simple activation and combat mechanics but gives an interesting and fun game.  I'm credited as a playtester in some of the books due to my help in reworking the points system when the rules were first released.