Tales of Action & Adventure

Tales of Action & Adventure is a skirmish game covering the period 1600-1900.

Tales of Action & Adventure (TAA) is a set of skirmish rules covering the period 1600-1900. The rules are currently under development, but will include fantastic / mystical creatures and abilities and well as steampunk / Victorian SF stuff, so they will be usable for historic games or games involving a fantasy, horror or SF element.

The rules are aimed at forces of around 10 - 20 figures per side, and will play in around an hour for a normal sized game, up to two hours for a big or multi-player game. We've played some playtest games and the core mechanics work well.



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How to get the Rules


These rules are currently at the development and playtesting stage. If you are interested in playtesing and are willing to play some games and provide feedback, please contact me on  [email protected]. Please tell me what sort of gaming you currently do, with what rules, and when and how often you expect to be able to play.

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You can discuss these rules in the Polkovnik Productions forum here..